the magic bullet

i know you've all seen the infomercial about the magic bullet. it's a great party item, and you can make virtually anything using it...and it's so easy to clean! well, i received said magic bullet as a gift and this blog will chronicle how well the bullet lives up to its reputation.


the salsa attempt

upon receiving the bullet, i had virtually no experience with it being amazing or magic. however, i did know that the bullet made some damn good "adult" blender drinks that i experienced one night last summer, and on new year's eve a few months ago. both times, i can say that the drinks tasted amazing and things began to seem quite magical as the night progressed.

the informercial was in high rotation around xmas time, go figure. the happy, bubbly couple that were behind the immense counter in a huge kitchen made numerous dishes and drinks that looked too good to be true! and their eclectic group of friends that sat on the other side of the counter watching in awe seemed equally impressed with the bullet.

at one point in the infomercial, the two people made homemade salsa and jalapeno cheese for nachos. wow! healthy, homemade salsa that was easy to make without getting a knife dirty! i was sold. the jalapeno cheese dip was also a key point in the demonstration, because you could pulse, and then pop the cup in the microwave for melting! brilliant! my partner and i thought we'd try these two dishes first. it looked easy.

as you can see from the above picture, you still need to use a knife for the salsa ingredients- my little onions needed to be peeled.


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