the magic bullet

i know you've all seen the infomercial about the magic bullet. it's a great party item, and you can make virtually anything using it...and it's so easy to clean! well, i received said magic bullet as a gift and this blog will chronicle how well the bullet lives up to its reputation.


the magic has fizzled

dear loyal readers,

the time has come. the magic bullet blog will be disappearing, permanently, after nearly a year of posts. to be honest, i don't use it much anymore. it's now off my counter and under the sink, taking up space. using it in the winter is rare, especially because it just doesn't do soup very well.

some highlights for me:

margaritas and daiquiries
grating cheese
easy omelette
easy cappuccino
white bean sammiches
fettuccine alfredo

some sad points:

blending soup
homemade salsa
chopping vegetables
cleaning it! and too-many attachments.

any feedback? please don't forget to remove your links to this blog.....and when i start up something new, i'll be sure to let you know ;-)



raspberry chocolate goodness

two ice cubes
8 fresh raspberries
two long squeezes of chocolate syrup
fill cup with low-fat soy

using cross blade, pulse three times. (i know, i know, the bullet sucks at busting up ice cubes, so you may have to pulse a bit longer).

screw on the lip ring the colour of your choice and enjoy!


the grind

just a quick entry:

bought some coffee beans and ground them up using the flat blade piece of the bullet.

result: not bad. i also tried to grind the beans with the regular blade and it seemed to work much better. the only annoying part was that grinding those coffee beans is so loud! the bullet is loud enough on its own, but coupled with rock hard coffee beans, the result is a little too much for the morning. you have to pulse several long times in order to get at all the beans.

mmmmmm coffee.


broccoli cheddar soup

an open letter to the magic bullet:

dear magic bullet (aka:amazing bullet),

although your product is touted as being "magic" and "amazing" when it comes to making soup, i beg to differ.

recently, i wanted to make one of my favourite soup recipes to celebrate the fall season: broccoli cheddar soup.

after simmering an onion, broccoli, chicken broth, and rice, i added a little milk in order to prepare the broth for blending.

i poured the mixture into the tall cup, and proceeded to pulse pulse pulse.

everything seemed to be going well, until i tried to remove the blade. it was stuck. for nearly 30 minutes i was unable to unscrew the base from the cup. only after placing the cup in a bowl of cold water for 15 minutes was i able to separate the two pieces. this is unacceptable.

at this point, i took out my trusty blender which was always a loyal, trustworthy appliance for making soup.

unfortunately, i don't believe that i'll be using said bullet to make soup ever again. perhaps you should remove these erroneous tips for making soup from your infomercial as soon as possible.



p.s. i suffered wrist and forearm strain from trying to unscrew the two pieces.


put that baby on ice


white bean sammiches

haven't used the bullet in a while, mostly due to the fact that i've been eating out a lot this month. it's just too damn hot to be in the kitchen lately.

i'm off from work today, and decided to make a yummy, healthy lunch that included using the bullet in a new way.

according to the infomercial and recipe book, the bullet is supposed to be able to handle making hummus.

i took a can of white kidney beans, rinsed and drained, and added some olive oil and salt and pepper. placed it all in the bullet and tried to pulse away.

it got stuck several times while making this mixture into a paste. i had to mix it up with a spoon in order for the beans to get evenly mashed.

i spread this mixture onto some good multigrain bread, added red onion, avocado, broccoli sprouts, and cucumber, and made a double decker sammich. delicious!


in-a-jiffy flapjacks

in-a-jiffy flapjacks

mmmm pancakes.

the bullet recipe book advises: "most people skip breakfast not because they don't want it, but because they don't have time. finally, with the amazing bullet you can create a hearty, satisfying breakfast without fear of being late for work and without coming home to dirty dishes...cleanup is as simple as opening the dishwasher and popping in a few items."
I DON'T HAVE A DISHWASHER. and the bullet makes a mess.

i added all my wet ingredients to the tall cup, and then the pancake mix. i was hesitant when using the bullet, because as anyone that has made pancakes before knows, if you mix the batter too much, your pancakes aren't fluffy and they are tough. using a blender for pancakes goes against my better judgement.

after my ingredients were added, i pulsed three quick times. i poured the batter onto the grill.
final result: the pancakes were pretty good. the mess on my counter, not so good. i probably wouldn't use the bullet for pancakes again. mixing the batter in a bowl works just fine for me.
p.s. are flapjacks and pancakes the same thing?