the magic bullet

i know you've all seen the infomercial about the magic bullet. it's a great party item, and you can make virtually anything using it...and it's so easy to clean! well, i received said magic bullet as a gift and this blog will chronicle how well the bullet lives up to its reputation.


in-a-jiffy flapjacks


Blogger Dan MacDonald said...

Hmm....that didn't look like a HUGE different than a spoon and bowl...? or electric mixer that some people use...? maybe not...
if you want MESSY - you need to see my juicer.
There are more nooks and crannies in that thing than a fricking car engine - and it gets COVERED with pulp and splatter.
the pancakes looked yum yum...but, a little known fact about me: I have always HATED pancakes.
Go figure. I know it's not normal - but - it is a sad truth. I've ordered them MANY times thinking "okay...THIS TIME I'll realize the joy of pancakes.."
and I'm let down everytime.

but, what can you do...?
I still wanna try the chocolate mousse....but use avacado instead of chocolate base...then mix in coco...Mmmm...

12:38:00 PM  
Blogger Danielle said...

looks yummy

9:13:00 PM  

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