the magic bullet

i know you've all seen the infomercial about the magic bullet. it's a great party item, and you can make virtually anything using it...and it's so easy to clean! well, i received said magic bullet as a gift and this blog will chronicle how well the bullet lives up to its reputation.


raspberry chocolate goodness

two ice cubes
8 fresh raspberries
two long squeezes of chocolate syrup
fill cup with low-fat soy

using cross blade, pulse three times. (i know, i know, the bullet sucks at busting up ice cubes, so you may have to pulse a bit longer).

screw on the lip ring the colour of your choice and enjoy!


Blogger Anna said...

This one makes me want to use my own bullet. But then I'd have to get groceries.
I'll just have one you make me!

10:28:00 PM  
Blogger Dan MacDonald said...

and i shall have you make me one as well.
*smacks lips*
*smacks on ass*


10:47:00 PM  

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