the magic bullet

i know you've all seen the infomercial about the magic bullet. it's a great party item, and you can make virtually anything using it...and it's so easy to clean! well, i received said magic bullet as a gift and this blog will chronicle how well the bullet lives up to its reputation.


chocolate mousse

chocolate mousse

the recipe reads: add a quarter cup heavy cream and two tablespoons of chocolate syrup. well, i don't have heavy cream, but we do have homo milk, which was close enough for us to try and make the mousse.

didn't work out so well. the milk didn't thicken up quite like it should, so we added some ice and bullet-ed it again. tasted like thick chocolate milk and it did the trick. let's face it- you add chocolate syrup to anything and it's not going to turn out badly.


easy cappuccino

this may be my favourite task for the bullet yet.

1. make coffee
2. fill the short cup 2/3 full of soy milk
3. pulse for 15 seconds
4. pop on the steamer lid
5. microwave for 40 seconds until frothy
6. fill mug half way with coffee
7. slowly pour in heated milk, spooning the froth on top
8. sprinkle cinnamon

delicious! i'm doing this every morning.


a million little pieces

the bullet comes with approximately 23 separate pieces...i say approximately because i kept losing count. i don't have a big kitchen with a lot of cupboard space, so when i received the magic bullet i had to buy a bin for all of its pieces and shove it under the sink. on the infomercial, the happy couple had a HUGE kitchen, so i guess storing the bullet wasn't an issue.

as you can see, the bullet also came with a juicer-thing that i haven't yet used. i'm not a big juice person, at least not concerning juice that i have to make myself. perhaps i'll try to juice something soon after i consult the bullet recipe book.


the easy omelet

the easy omelet

i figured that making eggs with the bullet may result in a perfect fluffy omelet- pulsing it would allow for lots of air bubbles in the mixture. martha stewart says that this is the secret to great eggs and pancakes.

the amazing bullet handbook states that "every forkful is simply bursting with'll be eating like a king in no time at all, with virtually no cleanup."

i grated up some cheese to start in the tall cup. then i added two eggs, some paprika, salt and pepper. next i poured it into my heated, margarine-ed pan and cooked it until golden brown. they really were good! and very fluffy.

clean-up was the same as if i had used a simple bowl and fork to beat the eggs. in place of that, i filled the dirty cup with warm water and some dish soap and pulsed. this cleans up the blades very well, and much more safely than by hand.

final result: i would use the bullet again for omelets. however, if any vegetables were to be added, i'd chop those by hand.


easy frozen daiquiri

easy frozen daiquiri

as quoted from the amazing bullet 10 second recipe handbook:

"Bring a little of Vegas' Flamingo Hotel into your own back yard- nothing says "kick up your heels, Vegas-style" more than a strawberry daiquiri."

we added daiquiri mix (strawberry), ciclon (a fantastic mix of light rum and tequila), some fresh lime juice, and ice. it didn't feel much like vegas, but the drinks were delicious. bullet, you are truly amazing! wayne was thinking "outside of the box" and suggested adding some orange sherbert. it turned out great!

he's full of ideas, that wayne.

(as an aside, the bullet does tend to make a sticky mess after making three or four drinks- the blade piece becomes full of liquid and when you flip it over it drips out. didn't see that on the infomercial.)

the bullet travelled to argyle street in windsor for this trip away from home.


easy frozen margaritas

i packed up the bullet for a road trip to burlington to see some good friends. the plan was to make some adult drinks and to see how the bullet handled chopping up ice.

easy frozen margaritas are fun to make, especially with an eager assistant like lisa.

you can make each in their own party mug and then just screw on the colourful lip rings. this way, when things become distorted from the margaritas, at least you can see which glass is yours.

we added margarita mix for a count of three, added tequila for a long count of three (or was it four?) and then filled the glass 3/4 full with ice. blend until smooth.

the bullet pulverized the ice. no problem there.

i think it was safe to say that lisa was "amazed" at the bullet.

the margaritas were delicious!